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Hopes to Adopt a Child

My name is Makeba. I’m born and bred Brooklynite!  I have a lot to offer a child. I'm stable, secure in my profession. I'm energetic and curious and look forward to running, jumping, playing, and imagining new worlds with my child.

I'm excited about starting my family through adoption. I have always wanted to become a mother. And to me, mothering consists of different ways to display love, care, and kindness to children.

makeba with her spirit fingers.JPG
Sunday funnies

I love Sundays and selfie sticks...

Just For Fun

Enjoying my local playground.

the color run dance

My color run dance.

A Sweet Time

Mom and I.


Trip to India. Working with these kids was magical.

The Best Mentors and Colleagues

The Best Mentors and Colleagues. We are change agents one student at a time...


I was raised in Brooklyn, NY in a neighborhood that would remind you of the classic Spike Lee movie, “Do the Right Thing”.  I was an outside child who enjoyed playing tag, freeze tag, hopscotch, and dolls.  I remember staying out all day playing and running inside the house when the sun went down.

I’m the baby of the family (two older brothers and one sister). My father named me. He loved Miriam Makeba’s (South African singer and activist) voice and had all of her records. I always wanted to sing but I will just honor the name by humming the words to her songs.

I have a great role model in my mother. After my father died, my mother was a single mother raising me and my siblings.  She's one of my best friends. As a child, she was my strongest advocate who taught me that real beauty lives inside and outside of all of us. 

I am a social worker.  Social work is one of my life’s purposes. I enjoy being an advocate and change agent for my students.  I'm an interim director of a college counseling service. I have great colleagues and an interesting workplace.  The joy of my profession along with motherhood truly part of making my life complete.   

Fun Facts

More About Me

  • My mother always had books around the house, so I fell in love with reading.

  • I was introduced to Book Con by a colleague (who is also my birthday twin).

  • I am an avid sports fan.  My favorite sport is football (both college and professional). 

  • My favorite teams are NY Giants and UM Wolverines.  I have never attended a professional football game, but I attend Homecoming weekend at UM every year with my two BFFs and Sista Girlfriends for Life! 

  • I love all concerts and operas.  I have seen every artist that I love from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder to LL Cool J to Jay Z. In the summer, I try to attend at least one outdoor concert to enjoy the ambiance of the night sky and the music.

  • Every year, I treat my mother to see Andrea Bocelli at Madison Square Garden.  This is our annual Christmas gift to each other. 

  • I love to garden. As a child, I remember planting beans and waiting impatiently for them to grow.  I thought they would produce beans, but my soil was too rocky to grow food. 

  • My mother and I create a sidewalk garden with spring and summer flowers.  Last year, I got ambitious and tried to create a vegetable garden.

  • I think that gardening grows patience and love for the earth, an appreciation for the soil and what it gives back to us. I hope to share this love and commitment to the earth with a child.   

the Crayola People

I cannot wait to color with a child with Crayola 100 pack of crayons...


My besties looking good and feeling great!

Feeling Festive

Our home grown Christmas tree!

the Color Run

The Color Run. We finished dirty.... but we were colorful!

My Sistas from Other Mothers

Homecoming Game being picture bomb by another Wolverine... Go Blue!

Book Con 2019

Book Con! He was scary but I was not afraid...I cannot say anything for my friend B!


At my mother's birthday party... but one brother is missing.

makeba and cuz

Texas Cousin and I in Vegas.

Extended Family

My Extended Family visiting from Norway!

Brooklyn Sistas

This is the Brooklyn-Atlanta Aunts that are adventurous and athletic.

makeba and leslie

I spoiled her daughter and she is waiting to spoil a child....

My Village

I'm blessed with friends all across the country (GA, MI, and  NYC). They are more than friends - they are my sisters from another Mother.  And they are more than excited to add a little one to our family and lives. They will be a combination of the crazy aunts from the Simpsons (Aunt Selma and Aunt Patty), the dazzling aunt in the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire (Aunt Viv) or the badass aunt in Wonder Woman (Aunt Antiope).  I also have some great Uncles (Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire) who are ready to rescue a child from our craziness but they do not like to take pictures.  

All of my friends and family are ready to embrace, teach and love a child that will be raised, live and love… Brooklyn! 

My Village


Thank you for reading my story!  If you are interested in me as your child’s potential adoptive Mom, please contact me and we can talk more.  I have more stories! 

Phone 973-946-8120


My Attorney Faith Getz Rousso

Phone 516-500-9292


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Makeba Hopes To Adopt A Child Through Private Adoption
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